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Private Client

CastleMoore is in the business of managing individual and family unit investment assets with a minimum account size of $250,000. We do not focus on financial planning, but singularly on asset management, and accordingly, prefer to work with fee-only financial planners or family office managers in fulfilling investment mandates. This focus provides the clients with better end results, including greater transparency and no conflicts of interests.

There are two important steps in becoming an individual client. First is the exploration phase; second, the decision.  You and CastleMoore need to have a good understanding of investment needs and expectations.  For example, your previous investment experience and desired level of risk and reward will determine your portfolio allocation blend.

We use a detailed questionnaire to help you and CastleMoore decide what is the best way for you to invest. This information leads to the creation of a BluePrint™, an investment policy statement that outlines your asset management with us. Your BluePrint™ will take into account the regulatory and fiduciary responsibilities that are involved in the discretionary management of investments in Canada.

Download our Client Questionnaire to Get a Draft BluePrint>

At CastleMoore we understand potential client concerns in changing management.  In order for you to get the clearest view possible, to be comfortable with the change, we’ll craft a no obligation draft BluePrint™ so that you have as much information as you need to proceed.

After the decision is made to have CastleMoore manage your assets we fill in the paperwork and transfer your investment accounts assets to our preferred custodian, National Bank Correspondent Network (NBCN).  If you are fully invested we do not necessarily sell all your current positions, but analyse them individually to see when the best time is to fully migrate to CastleMoore portfolio holdings. This step seeks to minimize the asset impact and client concern of switching managers.


CastleMoore offers custom portfolio models to match end client mandates, including a range of relative to absolute return options, holding periods, universe definitions, drawdown and days-to-recover features.

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